Spider-Man Web Backpack

Introduction: Spider-Man Web Backpack

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make your own web backpack for your Spider-Man costumes. It's very comfortable to wear and will keep your belongings perfectly safe whilst showing everyone you can do whatever a spider can.

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Step 1: What You'll Need:

here's what you will need:

A cheap plastic bowl - with a decent diameter but shallow to keep it not sticking out too much when on your back

A sheet of foam

200m white plastic lacing

200g Easyflo 120 or other fst cast resin which sets white (this helps but not 100% essential to make this)

5m of 3mm round elastic

a white pull strap bag

white puff paint


a hot glue gun

paint brush

knife or scissors

Step 2: Step 1: Preparing the Bowl

First of all, to help strengthen the bowl and add padding inside for your belongings inside, you'll want to use a layer of foam inside, and hot glue gun it in.

Step 3: Step 2: Start Wrapping

Now you'll want to get one end of your spool of plastic lacing and glue it on the inside edge. Once set, start wrapping. You'll want to work your way round the bowl gradually covering all areas. If possible try not to leave any areas uncovered. You should end up with something like in the picture attached

Step 4: Step 3: Hardening

With the lacing all on, you may find it's easy to pull off. By mixing up some fast cast resin and painting it on with a brush you can stop any movement happening. Once set, you can cut some of the inner lacing off to allow more room to put your items in through.

Step 5: Step 4: Inserting Bag and Adding Elastic Straps.

now it's time to get the straps on and the bag inside. first of all, insert the bag through the hole your have cut. What i did was pull the bottom strap attachments through the lacing as a second point to add the elastic strapping through. With the bag inside, bring the elastic half ray through the back. once there, start wrapping it in and out of the bottom strap attachments of the inside bag. on the final wrapping, try twisting the elstic round the other straps. See pic attached as a reference.

Step 6: Step 5: Final Finishing

As a last bit of finishing I added white puff paint over the top to add extra webs. This helped cover any areas uncovered by the lacing as well as add a little more detail.

Step 7: Step 6: Try It On!

And that's it, the backpack is created! now add it to your Spider-Man costumes and get swinging!

For more of my creations, please visit www.facebook.com/lxcosplay

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! Thanks so much for sharing! The backpack looks great with your hoodie!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! created this in preparation of my full costume being finished to go with it.