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heey guys
so this is my upgraded version of the normal Spider Massacre. it's much smaller and uses fewer pieces and it's also way more sturdy.
i said that i would post this instructable three months ago but there were some minor problems with my camera (the spiders invaded my room and ate it).

i hope you all like it and have fun. plz rate this thing and comment or give feedback or whatever. oh, and i'm not liable for anything stupid you do with it.

Step 1: Building the Handle

ok let's start building this gun. because this version is much smaller than my original Spider Massacre, i also have less steps. the first step will be building the handle.

pieces needed:
2 yellow rods

6 yellow connectors
5 gray connectors
5 light gray connectors

Step 2: Building the Trigger Mechanism (part 1)

this trigger is almost similar to the trigger of the original Spider Massacre, it's just a little more sturdy.

pieces needed
3 blue rods
6 white rods
7 green rods

2 white connectors
3 green connectors
8 red connectors
10 gray connectors

1 blue spacer
1 black Y-shaped connector

Step 3: Building the Barrel (part 1)

the barrel consists out of two parts. obviously, this is
part 1...build this

pieces needed
2 red rods

8 yellow connectors
5 orange connectors
2 red connectors
2 gray connectors

Step 4: Building the Trigger Mechanism (part 2)

this is where we complete the trigger mechanism and add some things so that we can later put everything together.

pieces needed
the barrel from 'step 3'
the trigger part from 'step 2'

2 blue rods

6 orange connectors

Step 5: Putting It All Together

in this step we will put everything together we've made so far.

pieces needed
everything from the previous steps

Step 6: Building the Barrel (part 2) + Firing Pin

this is the second and last step of building the barrel. you can choose to build a short, medium-sized or long barrel, or no barrel at all. in that case, simply skip this step

pieces needed
short barrel: yellow rod + 3 gray connectors + yellow connector
medium-sized barrel: red rod + 10 gray connectors + yellow connector
long barrel: gray/black rod + 20 gray connectors + yellow connector

Step 7: Extra Part (optional)

you dont need to built this part, but it's useful for mouting a scope or sight on the gun or attaching a bipod. you can also build it simply because you like how it makes the gun look...or something like that

Step 8: Loading, Firing and Other Stuff

for those who have never ever fired a knex gun before, pull back the firing pin until you hear a 'click' of the trigger blocking the firing pin. load ammo into the barrel. aim. pull back the trigger to fire.

currently i am working on a new project. it's a assualt/sniper rifle(whatever you want to call it). it's single-shot, but i'll also be making a mag version. the reason for always making guns single-shot is that they're just way more powerful. i let you all know when i'm gonna post my next instructable.

have fun and don't do anything stupid with it.



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    8 years ago on Step 8

    please make the rifle instructable


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Definitely one of the better guns i have seen but it fires really high so i am having a hard time aiming it (i am using medium barrel).

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    although i didn't extend the barrel or add the rail, i like to have those options :D
    Probably one of the more original trigger designs I've seen, great job!



    9 years ago on Introduction

    This reminds me of Donut massacre 64 my friend says this is Spider MASCARA

    i already have. i refined and upgraded the rifle you see in the last step into something a million times better. - it's got better firepower - it's sturdier - it's more accurate - the gun has a rail on top of it - better trigger - better handle - safety switch - it's got the unique ability of changing from assualt rifle to sniper rifle in a few seconds by replacing the barrel system. one barrel has a mag attached to it (22 rounds). the second barrel is for a single shot sniper rifle for ultimate power and accuracy. i hope that makes up for my long absence ill post it when enough people are interested in this rifle.

    FrozenFire 99Stavroz

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    there will be. i refined and upgraded the gun you see in step 8. i'm gonna post it when there is enough interest in the gun.