Spider Massacre Modified Knex Gun




Introduction: Spider Massacre Modified Knex Gun

This is the modified version of the spider massacre 2.0 It is more like a rifle and it has extra ammo and other stuff. PS frozenfire99 your gun is awesome!

Step 1: (maybe) Familiar Parts

these are parts from the spider massacre 2.0 the instructions to making them are NOT on this page. click on this link:The spider massacre page and build these parts then go back to this page.

Step 2: The Bridge Thing

Put 10 yellow connectors on 2 yellow rods. this might be kinda hard around when you have 8 or 9 on. If you can put 11 connectors on, well thats amazing. Next make the stuff in the second picture and attach them in the third picture like what is shown.

Step 3: The Ammo Holder

make the 2 pieces, put them together and attach to the yellow bridge thing. shouldn't be very hard except maybe the last part.

Step 4: Attaching the Barrel and Handle

attach the Spider Massacre 2.0 barrel and handle to the rest of the gun. very simple.

Step 5: The Handle/trigger

make the handle/trigger and look in the next picture to see where it goes. On to the final step!

Step 6: Finishing Up

add extra ammo in the thing that you made earlier. the gun shoots gray rods put them in. YAY! YOU'RE DONE!!! Just don't kill anybody with this gun it really hurts.



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    24 Discussions

    i made an ant massacre gun. i brrowed my best friends big air ball tower, it sucked him up in to a chamber with a really powerful gatling gun.

    Seriously... turn the spider massacre into a human massacre ;D

    this looks completly diferrent from the original.

    if you guys say that there are many Spider Massacre mods, does that mean that my original gun was a good one or a bad one? like was it worth modding or did you guys need to mod it before it was a good gun?

    4 replies

    iI modified it because it was a really good gun and I thought it would be cool if it was two handed and bigger and stuff

    There are lots of mods and versions of the origonal spider massacre. (I might post My mods somtime) :-P

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