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Although in my country we don't celebrate Halloween, I've loved this day since I was a child. Every year I try to make something Halloween-related, such as decorating the house, making Jack-o'-lanterns, etc. Last year I prepared a "spooky" pizza to enjoy during a Stephen King film marathon.


- Pizza base

- Tomato

- Cheese

- Ham

- Tuna

- Black olives

Of course, you can choose whatever ingredients you want instead of black olives.


Step 1:

Take the base and put the tomato on it. I used a spoon to do so. My pizza is not round because the base is homemade.

Step 2:

Then add the cheese on the base.

Step 3:

Add whatever you want on the cheese layer. I used ham and tuna.

Step 4:

Now, here's the trickiest part...be patient. Here are the steps to make the spiders:

1. Cut some olives in half (to make the body)

2. Cut some of the halves in two (to make the head)

3. Cut some halves into strips (to make the legs)

When you have all the olives cut you'll start the jigsaw!

1. Spread on the pizza as much half olives as you want (remember that you'll need enough space to make a full spider).

2. Add the olive quarters to each body to make the head.

Step 5:

Now add the olive strips to make the legs. In a perfect world spiders would have 8 legs... but on my pizza they have 6 because the body is too small... in other words: eight legs are probably too many legs! (you probably didn't realize it until now :p).

And ta-daaaa... the pizza is almost ready! You only need to put it on the oven.

Step 6:

Grab a beer, take the pizza out of the oven and press play! Happy Halloween!

(And if you are an Alice Cooper fan, take the camera out and take some pictures!)



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    16 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Tuna on a pizza is a new idea to me! I have to try it! Nice job!

    I love this idea! And it's what we're having tonight for Halloween eve dinner. Mutant Spider Pizza. Thanks for the inspiration.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Ahahahaah this pizza is super cool!! I actually realized since the beginning the number of legs was too low, but I guess that making them thinner is too complicated! Nice idea for some horror party!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, thanks! :) I think it's impossible to do the legs thiner than I did.... but it's also good six-leg spiders... we can say that they are mutant spiders :p