Spider Web Lanterns




Here's a fast and easy tutorial for eco-friendly lanterns that can *barely* light the way up your path or brighten up the dark corners of your house.  I made these using supplies I already had on hand. Most of these supplies were originally found in thrift stores...you can find wire and LED tea lights at any craft store. 


* mason jars

* faux spider webbing

* plastic spiders

* LED tea lights

*wire and wire cutters (optional)

* short shepard's hooks (optional)

Step 1: Assemble Your Lanterns

Turn your LED tea light on and place it in the bottom of your jar.  Lightly stuff some spider webbing into the jar, hiding the tea light as much as possible.  Top with a plastic spider.  Voila! Now you can set these along your sidewalk as spooky luminaries or you can tuck them into dark corners in your house to add a little ambiance.

Step 2: Take It One Step Further: Make It a Hanging Lantern

You can easily convert these to hanging lanterns by using wire to create a simple hanger.   I used black craft wire because that's what I had on hand, but you can use pretty much whatever you have...string, ribbon....be creative.  Just wrap the wire around the mouth of the jar a few times, twist it to secure and then take the wire up and over the mouth of the jar to create the hanger, securing it back down on the other side.

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    3 years ago

    simple but effective.

    I'm making some!


    4 years ago

    So awesome as is...but so beautiful when lit up! :)

    Thanks - they are so easy and give off just the right amount of light to make those spiders really look creepy. Hope you get to make some!