Spider Web Prank + Bonus Prank

Introduction: Spider Web Prank + Bonus Prank

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Hello Dear Instrucablers and guest,

This is a Instructable for a Spider Web Prank plus a Bonus Prank. With the result video at the end! ;)

So, I saw a contest going on for an April fools Instructable Prank and decided to put one together for you. :)

This prank is considered a low impact prank. Which means it "WILL NOT" hurt anyone or cause personal/property damage. (Unless you or your victim is/are deathly afraid of spiders. Then I suggest DOING THIS PRANK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!) This Prank is more for fun. Rather than some of the Pranks I have seen these days.


When you plan a prank, it is very important to consider the feelings of the person you are pranking. You might not want to prank if there will be any adverse consequences, especially if it involves damage to property, people, or relationships. Keep these considerations in mind, and everyone will find your prank as funny as you do.

So, enjoy and lets begin...

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Step 1: Materials and Tools




Glue (Elmer's or Faster Drying)

Fishing line (8LB - 15LB Test, Clear)

Foam (pipe insulation foam & packaging foam-white) Or white board, or even paper will work.


Last but not least...

a Victim ;)

Step 2: Step One Start the Spiders...

Sure, I could have bought plastic little spiders, but HEY, this is Instructables right?? So, let's make some. :)

Start with the Pipe insulation foam, and cut out some pieces about 2 to 3 inches (as seen in photo #1).

Make them at least 1/4 inch thick. Cut out 2 pieces for each spider. I made 3 spiders so I cute out 6 pieces.

Once, you have them cut out you are going to cut a little V shaped notch in the middle of them on the narrow side (as seen in photo #4)

Step 3: Step Two Making the Spiders...

Now that you have the V shape cut in ea piece of foam. Cut out two more smaller V shapes out of each end. (as seen in Photo #5)

Continue until you finish each piece of foam (as seen in photo #7)

Step 4: Step Three Fishing Line for Spiders...

Go ahead at this time and cut the fishing line you need to hang the spiders.

I made mine 18 inches long. You can make yours as long as you like, but at least 12" or so. (for a good effect)

Once you have cut each piece out. Put a knot in one end of each piece of line. You will see later what the knot is for. (as seen in Photo #9)

Step 5: Step Four Back to the Spiders and Completing Them

Now back to the spiders...

Take one side of ea spider and put some glue on it and place the piece of fishing line in the middle with the knot to one side (as seen in Photo #10)

Now put the other side of the spider together and let the glue dry and seal in the fishing line. (as seen in photo #11)


Each spider has to dry before cutting off the center at each end.

After they dry we will trim off the middle legs. (as seen in photo #13)

Now finished with the spiders. Lets move on to the Spider Web....

Step 6: Step Five Making the Hanging Spider Web...

Get the Fishing line and cut out at least 10 pieces at about 36 - 48 inches long. (depending on how high your ceiling is)

Cutting out more is not necessarily better, but you can cut out as many as you would like. I decided to go with 10 pieces and it worked great.

**Quick Tip**

Measure the first one. Then just use that piece to make the next one the same length, and so on, and so on..

No one wants to measure each piece of fishing line. This is supposed to be fun, right?? lol ;)

Step 7: Step Six Fishing Line Into the Foam...

Now that you have the fishing line all ready to go. Take each one and randomly poke one end through all around the foam board. (as seen in photo #16)


If you can't poke the fishing line through. You can use a needle to thread them through, but be careful not to poke yourself or make the hole to big.

You can also use White Poster board, or White Paper to hang it up onto the ceiling.

Now take the foam board and flip it over. Tape each end sticking out down the back of the foam board.

(I actually made a knot in each one and then taped it down to make sure it wouldn't fall out)

Step 8: Step Seven Tape the Back of the Foam

Now put tape on the back of the foam so you can hang it on the ceiling.

Roll up the tape sticky side out and make a circle with each piece about 5 inches wide. (as seen in photo #19)

Put about 5 pieces on the back to make sure it stays up.


The tape I used is for taping plastic to your windows for winterizing your home during winter. It comes off paint easily without pulling the paint off. **Be careful to not use tape that will pull the paint off when you take it down after the prank is finished.**

Step 9: Step Eight Setting Up the Pranks...

***Remember Safety first***

When using a ladder make sure you have a spotter to assist you.

Take the foam board and press it up against the ceiling in the location you want to produce the prank. (as seen in photo #22)

I choose a hallway between the bedrooms in my house that doesn't get allot of light. Since we want them to not see the fishing line choosing a darker spot in the house works best.

Now take the spiders and tape the tag end of the fishing line up on top of the door jam that the Victim ;) will go through. (as seen in photo #23 & 24)

Then take the spiders and place them on top of the door and close the door so they fall off when the door is opened.


It was a pain to get the spiders just right. So, patience is a virtue during this step. Trust me!!! lol ;)

Step 10: Step Nine Take a Look at Your Work...

Step back and take a look at how it looks. After looking into the hallway I could not see anything. So, with everything perfect.

Let the Prank Begin....

Step 11: Video of the Results..

Thank you,

I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Please comment and let me know what you think?

Also, Please don't forget to vote for my instructable on the Prank Challenge Contest..


If you check out my webpage you would see I would be very very very happy to win a GoPro Hero3!!!



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Thanks for watching!!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Disclaimer: Do NOT use this on the elderly. (per request by fellow Instructabler) ;)


    5 years ago on Step 11

    hahaha That was funny. But you should put a disclaimer NOT to use this on the elderly. I might have had a stroke.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    haha Okay, I will put a disclaimer on my YouTube video. :) Thanks for the comment! :)