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This is a well known classical disentanglement puzzle. The aim of this puzzle is to free the ring. I made only a graphical arrangement for this puzzle. This is a simple puzzle and very easy to make. With a good workshop possibilities you can make more than 50 puzzle in one day and may be a good gift for kids.

How to make your own spider web

First you can start by cutting a square wood piece. For this puzzle I used a square wood piece 60 x 60 x 8 mm. Dimensions of this puzzle aren't critical. You can use any dimension according to your materials. I can say only min. 50 x 50 and max 75 x 75 mm may be a good dimension for playing. (min 2x2 inch and max 3x3 inch).Wood  thickness may be between 6 – 10 mm.

The template (Drawing 2) is for 60x60 mm square. You can save this picture, scale and print according to your material dimensions. After cutting a square , I cut four corners with a hand saw. Green lines show the outside of your square and hole centers. You can drill 10 mm holes (may be between 9-12 mm or bigger for a bigger puzzle). After sanding, you can draw your spider web and spider on the wood with a ball point pen. Don't use ink pens. If you have a wood burning machine, burning on wood is the best way. And don't forget adding feet for spider. For finish I applied a kind of lacquer mixed with thinner with an artistic brush. If you like you can use spray varnish.

And third drawing show rope arrangement. You can use a non elastic thick rope about 3 mm diameter. Beads must be bigger than your hole diameter. If you can find some wooden beads looking like a bug egg may be look better.

I used a small wooden ring. But you can use anything that you can find. If you like you can fix a small plastic fly on the ring with glue. Plastic flies are easy to find from fishing suppliers.

Take the loop 1, pass it from the hole 2 and after over the bead 3. Pull it back from the hole 2 and now the ring is free

If you like mechanical puzzles and looking for more puzzle craft projects,you can visit my non commercial blog "diypuzzles"

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    9 Discussions


    4 years ago

    excellent instructable. very easy to make. making them as a stocking stuffer for my kids.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yo must make everything that you made for solving in reverse order. This is a part of the puzzle too.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for all nice comments. I explained the solution in the last paragraph. The ropes must be long enough to enter from another hole and pass over a bead. At the beginning you can cut your ropes a little long, fix only one bead and make a play test. According to your test result, if you like you can cut from one end. But in any case rope length isn't too much critical.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is great! i love making puzzles for my girlfriends little sister and this one i will make next!