Spiderman Web Shooters

Introduction: Spiderman Web Shooters

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I recently saw an instructable with a 3D printing of Spider-Man's web shooters but I don't have a 3D printer. So I decided to make one out of recycled materials.

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Step 1: Coming Soon at Your Local Recycling Bin

Most of these materials you can find in your house:

•2 "gummy" watch (I got mine at a prize cart at my school and in my dads junk drawer)
•a lead pencil
•hot glue gun
•hot glue sticks
•mini screwdriver
•3 water bottle caps
•silver paint
•blue paint
•red paint

Step 2: Disassembly Required

Get your screwdriver and disassemble your watch all apart. You would want to keep the frame and take apart the lens. Everything else you can throw away or keep

You should also take apart the lead pencil with the scissors. Keep the rubber gripper, front part were the lead comes out, the top with the eraser on.

Step 3: The Water Works

Start finding your 3 bottle caps or dart working on drinking the water down. Cut one of the bottle caps at the ridge of the bottle. Glue that to the inside of another bottle cap.

Get the frame of the watch and glue the bottle cap with the "button" and put it on top and glue the other one on the bottom.

Step 4: Piece It Together

Glue the front part of the lead pencil to the bottom one with the top on. Get the rubber frame and use the pen to where the piece you just made and cut it out.

Cut the rubber gripper in half and glue them together side by side. Trace where that piece is going and cut it out also.

Step 5: Glue It Together

Glue the rubber frame to the bottle cap frame. Then glue the extra prices you just made to it also. Take the piece that was suppose to have the numbers on it and glue that on the side.

Take the other gummy watch and cut one of the side straps and glue to the bottom of the "watch". With the hot glue gun make to glue bumps . That will be we're your two fingers go.

Step 6: Painting and Glueing

To start off I coat it with 2 layers of navy blue spray paint. Later I spray paint the spray trigger gold. I hot glued some red fabric to the center of the web shooter. Then I color the rim silver.

Step 7: Finished!

Now you can swing around New York City trying to look for Mary Jane or fighting the green goblin! Note: these are not actual web shooters they are just props. You cannot actually shoot webs with it or fight your best friend dressed as a spider. Have fun be safe and happy Halloween!

Check out my other instructable a too! Enjoy!

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