Spiderweb Book Light





Introduction: Spiderweb Book Light

the spiderweb book light is a new type of booklight that only centers light on the book and almost nowhere else, it also creates even lighting throughout the whole page

PS: this is my first instructable
umm so yeah im kinda new to this stuff
i don't care if u criticize it and whatnot but please be nice

Step 1:

Blue or white LED's or u can get any color, be creative
Resistors - don't burn the poor LED's
Plexiglass - I love this stuff
Plexiglass cutter - Must need to cut plexiglass well unless your using a saw, that works too
2-6 hours - matters on how nice u want it to look and ur skills
Reflective tape - more than doubles the brightness of the book
Battery Clip
Solder and soldering iron
an old but nice looking folder - not a must need, but it makes it look 10 times nicer
Someone that will listen to u constantly saying "LOOKY MOMMY! LOOK AT WHAT I MADE! ISN'T AWESOME? HUH MOMMY? IS IT?"
...yes i actually said most of that to my mom
but hey! give me a break I'm still too young to drive and i don't have my own house

Step 2:

first cut your plexiglass
wear gloves
i got a nasty cut from a shard of plexiglass refusing to break
but the sharper ur blade is and more times u deepen your cut into the plexiglass the less likely it is to cut you

Step 3:

drill holes big enough for LED's to fit in them
for this mini booklight i only used 2 white LED's
but u can use more

Step 4:

cover the sides with reflective tape
you'll probably have to cut the reflective tape into smaller strips

Step 5:

solder your LED's, battery clips, resistors, and switch together

Step 6:

make a sleek cover/handle from the folder and turn it on!
now pat yourself on the back and go show your success to your mommy



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    17 Discussions

    Adding info on how you used the folder/binder would help a bit i really think im gonna make a few of these great idea

     u know u could use a dremel to cut the plexiglass it would be a lot easier and time saving..just a thought

    This is a great one! I think I might make some for people in the office. But I have some (silly) questions. How did you get the battery to fit with the folder? And what kind of folder was it? Thanks bro.

    1 reply

    um i used folders made of thick cardstock chipboard works well too but u might want to add a coat of paint to make it looks nice

    I just made one, it works really well, thanks!

    Personality, intelligence and usefulness; and the book light is very cool too!

    This is a clever idea. It seems like a soft protective cover to prevent scratches would be a good idea. I could see carrying something like this in a small traveling bag or attache' case and then using it as a writing board in airports. What kind of reflective tape did you use and where do you get it?

    1 reply

    i used the safety reflective tape stuff u can get about 3 ft of it at target for 3 bucks

    I really like this. I am going to have to make one for my son. What size resistors did you use?

    1 reply

    yeah but the white leds were 4.5 volts and i didnt feel like going out and getting a 3 AAA battery holder

    Cool idea, but for more better results put the leds in the sides instead of the top so that the light goes straight to the lighted part and doesnt have to bounce off the tape.

    So...this really is as simple as side-lighting some plexiglass? :) Epic. Nice Instructable, good pictures (bummer about the dark shots, but the point is well made), and I like the humor thrown in here and there. I may just have to try this.