Spill Juice Lamp




About: I am a 10th grade student, also learing electronics from my seniors separately. I love skateboarding and playing guitar.

Give your study table or bed side a nice look with this spill lamp..

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Step 1: Material

You`ll need the followings to make this lamp
1. A bright led of any color, i used red for a change
2. A 9v battery
3. some water
4. Tape
5. News paper
6. Cardboard
7. A pencil
8. Some glue
9. A battery dock
10. Some plastic cups
11. A switch


Step 2: Assembling

Extend the wire of the led
then tape the led with the pencil
the glue the pencil with the cardboard......



Step 4: The Cup

Poke a hole in the cup
then tape the cup at the top of the stand and tape the led inside the cup.

Step 5: The Powerrr

Add the battery to the board. And remember to cover it fully with insulation tape to prevent damages during the paper mache process.

Step 6: Mug Design

take a paper of about the size of your cup and make a design which you want on your coffee mug
and add a paper handle to it....then glue it on the cup.

Step 7: Paper Mache

take some feviglue and mix it with water with the same ratio and mix it. Then dip some newspaper into the mixture and then cover your lamp stand.

Step 8: Paintings and Finishing

Paint the paper mache part with the color you want.....
And the after that add a switch between the battery and the led.............

Step 9: Thankings

Thank you for seeing this instructable please vote it in the battery powered contest and tarun upadhyas lamps and lightning contest .......... please vote and be nice because this was only my second instructable

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a very interesting lamp. I have seen a paint spill lamp and was wondering how it was done. Thanks for posting. You shoul take a picture with the light and put it in the introduction main picture.

    All in all a good proj

    1 reply
    2RACHIT2Tarun Upadhyaya

    Reply 5 years ago

    These are the images. plus
    anyhow i want to win the grand price of the contest because my parents think that i`m a loser and i cant do anything so by winning the 1st prize i will show them that i can do it, And hope u like it.


    Dear Rachit (I guess that's your name),

    Show your parents what you have made and it has been accepted into an international contest. I am sure they will feel proud of you. In my opinion no parent can ever think of their children as loser, they might be just worried about you and your future because every parent does.

    Always remember winning is not everything, it is the journey to winning that matters a lot. Give you best shot, if you win, it is your best and if you won't , the best is just yet to come. Never give up to try. Get more inspiration.

    All the best and don't ever think of yourself as loser no matter what.


    5 years ago

    Good job. I might have my students make one.