Spin-IT LED Stick

Introduction: Spin-IT LED Stick

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     Hello and Welcome to my VI instructable, this time I am posting in play category. Ok, so today we are making a LED stick which you can spin with your two hand or one.

     Actually, my brother from Indore, Madhya Pradesh is come to enjoy his vacations in my hometown Amravati, Maharashtra. He is teaching me how to spin a simple PVC pipe. Suddenly, my brain goes merry-go-round and I got an idea to convert the simple PVC pipe to a marvelous LED spin stick. It look something like God of War flame sword type when you spin it very fast. OK enough talking now let's make it.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1.Tape(Not in the image)
2.Wire stripper
3.Soldering Iron(You can use also twist wires)
4.Hook up wire or similar
5.PVC Pipe
6.LED(Actually, I have a bicolour LED from which I use the Red colour but you can also use a simple RED LED)
7.9V Battery and Snapper
8.Switch(I am not using it in this instructable but it can be useful)

Step 2: Pasting Battery

Paste the battery where you want it, but I am pasting it in the center because of center of gravity. If you want it to spin at one side you can paste it on the corner of the pipe. After pasting it attach the snapper.

Step 3: Installing Jumper-wires

Now, this is a tricky part. You need two jumper wires of the length of the PVC pipe. Strip the edges of both jumper wires. Feed it from the center of the battery tape. Separate the cover of the wire from center and join it to positive and negative pole of the battery respectively.

Step 4: Installing LEDs

Twist negative and positive leads of LED to the positive and negative wire of battery, and paste it in the corner of the PVC pipe.
Now Tape the extra jumper wire to the PVC pipe. Congratulations, you have successfully made the "Spin it LED stick".

Step 5: How to Spin the "Spin It LED Stick"

Hold the PVC pipe with both hands from the center. Spin the PVC pipe like you see in the video below:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You may want to run your wires 'inside' the pipe. That way you have less chance of breaking your connections. Also if you cut your pipe in half and use a male to male adapter, you could put the battery inside while still keeping it in the center of the stick.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thankh you very much, it will help me. But here in Amravati, buying electronic things is so headache!