Spin 'n' Kick! | a K'nex Ball Machine Element

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Hello I'm back! Actually, I'm Linkin_J_Knex but I'm back with another K'nex Instructable! I'm extremely sorry for not posting in over a month, I was relatively busy and have recently been working on a new K'nex build with someone (No spoilers here). This month I hope to get two or three Instructables up to make up for it. Anyway, enough apologizing, lets get into the element itself!

So, this is one of my absolute favourite elements. It was featured in my ball machine 3XODUS. I won't brag too much but it is so simple, works 100% of the time, looks good and moves very smoothly. Want to build it? Well here we go! ➡

Step 1: Piece Count

Rods: 75

Green - 34

White - 8

Blue - 18

Yellow - 15

Connectors: 71

2 Slot (Orange) - 3

3 Slot - 12

5 Slot - 24

8 Slot - 4

7 Slot 3D - 10

4 Slot 3D - 18

Miscellaneous: 42

Y Clip - 4

Metallic Blue Clip - 2

Blue Spacer - 18

Grey Spacer - 8

Small Wheel - 5

Small Tire - 5

Total - 188 Pieces

Step 2: The Frame

The frame for this element is a weird shape but is easily editable.

  1. Overview
  2. Build this
  3. Build this
  4. Build this
  5. Build these
  6. Assemble
  7. Assemble
  8. Assemble

Step 3: The Entrance

This part is so simple it probably didn't need its own step.

  1. Build these
  2. Assemble

Step 4: The Spinner

This is the most complicated part of the build but don't worry it isn't hard!

  1. Overview
  2. Build this
  3. Build these
  4. Build these
  5. Build this
  6. Build this
  7. Assemble
  8. Assemble
  9. Assemble
  10. Assemble
  11. Assemble
  12. Assemble
  13. Assemble
  14. Assemble

Step 5: The Exit

  1. Build these
  2. Build these
  3. Assemble
  4. Assemble
  5. Assemble
  6. Assemble

Step 6: Finished!

You made it! Great job! Have fun using this element. More will be coming soon. Please subscribe to receive all my Instructables as soon as they come out! Have a great day!



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    21 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Guess what? I love it! I will build it sometime tomorrow. I will then post a pick of the turn out. Great job!

    4 replies

    Idk. I get the same problem with knextremely stupid. I can't sub him and vice versa. BTW I posted the gun but I forgot to add pics of your grenade launcher attached to it so I will later today.

    Lexi Knex

    3 years ago

    i was waiting from this element when i saw exodus !

    now i am doing a top 10 best elements never created on instructables and ...

    6 replies
    Lexi KnexThat_Jamie_S_Guy

    Reply 3 years ago

    well, continue creating awesome stuff and i will put your creations in others top10


    Knextremely stupid

    3 years ago

    Cool! I really should try to make a.ball machine sometime