Spinning Compass Under Rotating Magnetic Device Influence

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In the rows below we will show how is possible to spin a magnetic compass using a changing magnetic field.

a sciencetoolbar project : http://sciencetoolbar.com

Step 1: Materials and Operations

1. 5 V dc motor ( inside electric toys )

2. neodymyum magnet sphere 26 mm

3. screw pot neodymium magnet 13 mm ( remove inside magnet )

4. plastic connector ( inside plastic car case)

5. wires

6. external battery 5.1 V

7. magnetic compass

8. usb cable

Fix the neodymium sphere to metal case between magnetic poles ( N and S )

fix the screw pot metal case through the plastic connector

connect the plastic connector to motor ax

connect the wires to the 5 V dc motor and to usb cable.

a sciencetoolbar project : http://sciencetoolbar.com



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