Spinning Eyeball




Friends, Halloween is almost upon us. ..... And just in case you do not want your siblings to sleep at night. Create a crazy eyeball, that spins and will scare them bad! Just follow the steps bellow....

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Step 1: Gather Materials

1 Styrofoam ball (size of a fishbowl)

D.C Motor

Battery that equals a total of (9V)

Alligator clips

Paint/paint brushes


Glue Gun

Step 2: Creating the Eyeball

**Ready-made styrofoam ball

- Stab a hole at the top of the styrofoam ball.

- Paint the eyeball to give a realistic effect.

Step 3: Connecting the Motor to the Eyeball

- Fix the DC motor to the hole made in the styrofoam ball.

- Attach a total of (9V) battery along with alligator clips.

- Connect the battery via the alligator clips to the motor.

- Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard, and glue the motor to it. This allows the motor to have stability and a place to rest along with it’s power source (battery).

Step 4: Making It Gross

- Using a hot glue gun, make thick, continuous, medium in length strands.

- Once dried peel off and stick to the back of the eyeball.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

- Using hot glue, stick the eyeball to the motor in the allotted hole.

- Stick the (9V) battery to the cardboard base.

- Lastly, connect the alligator clips to get it spinning.



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    3 Discussions

    ironsmiterChico da Rave

    Reply 1 year ago


    6AA, and a holder. While more expensive, it'll keep that motor humming along for a LONG time, compared to the same dollar worth of 9volts.


    1 year ago

    That looks really fun and creepy!