Spiny 8-bit Tape Koopa

Introduction: Spiny 8-bit Tape Koopa

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Here is my render of the spiked shell quadruped koopa called "Spiny" from the Super Mario Brothers franchise merged with your common tape dispenser to liven up your desktop and extreme 8-bit adhesion needs. 

You can grab my 3D model here: http://www.123dapp.com/123D-3D-Model/Spiny-Tape/658881 and use the free 123D app by Autodesk here: http://www.123dapp.com/123d to mod if you like and then export to your preferred format for 3D printing; here is a sample workflow I have used  at home designing and printing with great results: https://www.instructables.com/id/Basic-workflow-for-3D-design-in-Sketchup-and-3D-pr/

Spiny has been designed to print on small build platforms so any home printer should have success printing.  The placement of the parts in the stl files attached produce all parts with less than perfect printer/slicer settings.

I also uploaded my finalized stl's (Print Group A, B and C) for direct use on your 3D printer.  Use those if you don't care to mod my design and simply want to slice and start printing.

  1. Print Spiny
  2. Print tape wheel kit (2 wheels and square chuck)
  3. Print dispenser body
  4. Slide Spiny down onto dispenser perch (glue if you like)
  5. Insert square chuck into tape wheel half and then snap halves together (glue if you like)
  6. Slip on a roll of scotch tape or other sticky roll variant 
  7. Insert tape wheel with tape into dispenser groove and slide forward
  8. Extract tape over Spiny's spines and pull down for an 8-bit slice of tape.
  9. Marvel at the low resolution tape sever Spiny gives you!

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