Spiral Knot Wrap Friendship Bracelet




Introduction: Spiral Knot Wrap Friendship Bracelet

Step 1: Materials

•string •scissors •tape

Step 2: Begining

Take your 3 chosen color strings and cut them to about 20 inches. (the length from your elbow to finger tips)

Step 3: Knot It

Bring all strings together lined up at the ends. then loop them around your finger and pull short end through loop to make a knot. Tape the short strings on the other side of the knot to a table or stable surface.

Step 4: Make a 4

To begin the wrap design, take one string away from the other two. This will be the color that you want to show first. Wrap that string around your thumb. (this should look like a number 4.)

Step 5: Wrap It

Tuck selected string under other two and pull around. (see picture for clearer explanation) Pull it tight.

Step 6: Keep Knotting!

Repeat step 5 about 10-15 times with same color depending on how long you want to see that color.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat steps 4-6 with each color. [you CAN have more than 3 colors chosen or strings (the more strings/ the thicker the bracelet)] tip: I usually make about 10 sections.

Step 8: The End!

When you think you are done measure the bracelet to make sure the design covers most of the bracelet with a little excess to tie it. when you have it tied and cut off the excess you are done! (you can make matching bracelets to wear with your friends)

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