Spiral Led Christmas Tree



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Hi friends

In this inscrutable we are going to make a spiral led Christmas tree

Step 1: Things Required

PVC pipe(1/4 inch)

  1. 1 piece (110 cm)
  2. 2 pieces(30 cm)
  3. 4 pieces(20 cm)
  4. End caps(4 pieces)
  5. T joint (3 pieces)

card bord

Step 2: Frame

Construct the frame according to the video

Step 3:

Make a hole at the center of the cardboard disc

and hang it on the pvc pipe with some thread

the threads are must be equal in length and place at 8 points of the circle cardboard with equal amount of space

Step 4:

Then warp the led strip around the thread to make it like a Christmas tree

thanks for watching

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