Spiral Wall Lamp




Introduction: Spiral Wall Lamp

The Materials

-120x120 plexiglass

-50cm led ( blue )

-2m power adapter

- glue

Plexiglass sizes

- 5 x 3x3 cm

5 x 4x4 cm

3x 5x5 cm

3x 6x6 cm

6x 7x7 cm

4x 8x8 cm

1x 9x9. cm

1x 10x10 cm

5x 12x12 cm

5x 13x13 cm

5x 14x14 cm

5x 15x15 cm

4x 16x16 cm

2x 18x18 cm

2x 19x19 cm

2x 20x20 cm

2x 21x21 cm

2x 22x22 cm

2x 24x24 cm

2x 25x25 cm

2x 26x26 cm

2x 27x27 cm

2x 28x28 cm

2x 30x30 cm

Step 1: Design Process

For starters, it is important to make a wide research about lighting from books and internet. Also having software knowledge is important for the design process.After making a wide research about lighting, I determined the concept and designed it on Autocad and 3Dsmax.

Step 2: Cuttıng and Glue On

I cut the plexiglasses according to the sizes by using cnc lazer. Then I enumerated them. I appropriately glued the plexiglasses each other. At the end of the my work , I created the project that I aimed.

Step 3: Mounting

It’s supposed to be mounted like a sconce, so mounted the lighting to the wall with a hook

Step 4: Led Researching

Then I made a color difference experiment and decided to go with blue LED’s. Because it is more interesting and brighter, also looks better than the other LED colors.

Step 5: Result

This is the result that I have after sketching, researching and testing process. This lighting has a different design and is being used like a sconce.

Step 6: Spiral Wall Lamp - Construction Stages

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