Spirit Bomb Yo-Yo Trick - Luke Renner

Introduction: Spirit Bomb Yo-Yo Trick - Luke Renner

About: Video clips are produced by yo-yo performer Luke Renner. Compilations represent over 18 years of performance experience from the streets of Berlin to the coasts of California. Currently in production is a se...

Spirit Bomb Yo-Yo Trick Instructional Video demonstrated by Luke Renner. Note: this video uses a non-breakaway mount. The breakaway is the standard throw for the trick. Yo-Yo used in the demo is a Yoyofactory Speed Dial. Footage shot in Northwest New Mexico on 8/28/10 by Filmmakers George Thomas and Thomas LaRue. Trick details: Spirit Bomb is a yo-yo trick originated by Jeff Longoria. Special Thanks and recognition to Ken's World-on-a-String, Sector-Y and all of the sites that pioneered and continue promote the "Art of Yo!" through videos on the web.



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    Salomon 1996,

      Thanks for the post. I'm using a F.A.S.T yo-yo in the video. Lately, I've been working with the New NorthStar by Yo-Yo Factory. I had a chance to test out the NorthStar during the National Yo-Yo Contest and ended up purchasing one the next day!
    - StringslingerNM

    northstar yoyo is always a good choice because it is the same price as its lower end version the protostar which doesnt sleep or grind as well

    COOL! your welcome! :D and.... how does the NorthStar play? i just found it on www.yoyoexpert.com and thought it look nice! The yo-yo i have been using lately is a DV888, I really like it. Maybe could do a comparison, or a small review? That would be GREAT! :D

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    Thanks again for the post. The NorthStar plays great and I ended buying one next day at the local yo-yo shop in Chico, CA. The price is right for the yo-yo at around $35-40. The yo-yo itself is similar to the ProtoStar. The yo-yo is perfect right out of the package and is one of the smoothest spinners I’ve ran across. I’ll be purchasing another one in the near future for performing shows. I tend to keep 3-4 of the same model yo-yos on hand in case I run into a snag on stage. I used the NorthStar two weeks ago working a Renaissance Faire. It was excellent to work with and provided the extra non-responsive hang-time needed for new school tricks. Also the orange color is perfect for showing up during outdoor and indoor events. It’s great yo-yo for new school players.

    - StringslingerNM