Spirit Level Case With Magnet

Introduction: Spirit Level Case With Magnet

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You can put this spirit level actually outside of storage box because of magnet.

It is going to stick when you put some slippery surface.


*/ 3D printer

*/ Spirit Level

*/ Magnet ( 1 mm x 8 mm dia. )

*/ Knife

*/ Multitool

*/ Strong Adhesive

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Step 1: Case Design in 3D Software

We use FreeCad Software because of open source.

You can find stl file and freecad file downloads section.

Easy to design in this software.

You can see in gif file there.

Step 2: 3D Print

Print completed in 11:33 minutes.

Total 3g and 0.41m

Clear supports from magnet hole.

Step 3: Print Process

Fun to watch it like this:)

Step 4: Joining Parts and Done

Bond magnet with strong adhesive to magnet hole under the case.

Put spirit level into the case.

It is done...

It is ready to use...

Take it easy...

Step 5: Downloads

Spirit Level Magnet.rar is FreeCad file.

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