Spirit T-shirt Cannon

Introduction: Spirit T-shirt Cannon

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This is a photo of a T-shrt cannon I have recently built. I plan on using it at pep rallies at the school where I teach. I am hoping the students spirits will get pumped up by having school T-shrts launched at them. Maybe they will be "blown away" by this cool cannon.



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    Thank you for you safety input Masher. I do have to respectfully disagree about the pvc. It depends on the pressure rating that you get. This stuff for the tank is rated at 350psi (if I remember correctly) pvc doesn't care if is containing air or liquid pressure is pressure. You just have to be aware of the rating of the PVC. Thanks again for the input though, it is always good to keep safety in mind.

    Just to note so misinformation is not propagated, air and liquid are VERY different in terms of failure mode. As liquid is incompressible, failure of a liquid-filled pressure vessel is very different and relatively benign compared to the failure of an air-filled pressure vessel. Air is compressible and therefore the failure of an air-filled pressure vessel looks a lot like an explosion. I have not studied the properties of PVC but would encourage anyone trying to build a pressure vessel from this material to consider safety first and not to disrespect air as a source of energy.

    How is the gun holding up now after some years?

    I made a t-shirt launcher when I was a senior in high school (2 years ago) and used it at football games. Had to talk administration into it, but when I shot my best friend from 10ft. away and he didn't show any signs of discomfort they bought it.

    However, when powered up to 110psi (max power) I could shoot through the goalposts from the opposite end zone.

    Mine was a bit different from yours; I used 3" PVC as the pressure chamber and a 2' long 3" barrel but used a 1" QEV instead of a sprinkler solenoid to discharge the air. The QEV was attached to a 1/2" sprinkler solenoid as another quick air release, and the total firing time was less than 1/10 of a second.

    I'll try to gather some pictures; it's at home and I'm at school 200 miles away...

    I also made one with a piston valve but that's a bit much for firing t-shirts.

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    That would be great to see, mine isnt shooting as far as I want at 50psi but does decent at 90. I could use some suggestions.

    Very nice. A video of it in action would be nice. I perhaps would have shortened that hose. Looks like a big risk of it getting caught on something.

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    Thanks, it's not completely finished.I'm still in the testing stage. I have to figure out what the max air pressure is that the tank can hold before it blows out on me. The hose can be shortened still. I just want to finish the tests first. Thanks for the input


    No problem. I have made my fare share of "spud guns" both air and hair spray powered. Those things can be quite dangerous but fun at that same time. Maybe the danger is what makes them so much fun. lol