Splash Machine [Spin Art Maker]




Introduction: Splash Machine [Spin Art Maker]

Hello everybody,

It is my second tutoriel on Intructables, do not hesitate to comment !

Be indulgent and have fun ;)


Step 1: Prepare Your Material

You will need :

- 3 boards of plywood

- 1 tube in 10 minimeter metal

- 1 big ventilator

- some brackets screw

- some screws

- wood glue

Step 2: Made a Cube Shaped Box

Having sawed your boards of plywood, use your brackets screw and wood glue to assemble the parts.

Step 3: Having Fixed the Bottom of the Box ...

Attach the screw brackets to put the support plate (use a piece of wood to keep the same height).

Pierce the center of the support plate.

Step 4: The Heart of the Box !

Remove the electric motor of the ventilator and all the electronic parts (it's very important) to put back them in the box.

I set the maximum speed and I put the switch outside of the box.

Step 5: Realization of the 3D Part Which Links the Ventilator and the Metal Tube

Measure the diameter of the ventilator and the metal tube to make this part.

I made it with the free version of Sketchup and a 3D printer (Mondrian 2.0).

Screw or glue the 3D part.

Step 6: Put the Motor in the Bottom of the Box

In the pictures , I forgot an electronic component (the servo-motor) and my engine was not running.

Don't forget it !

Step 7: Realization of the 3D Part Which Links the Metal Tube and the Rotating Tray

Screw the base of 3D part to the metal tube.

Glue the rectangular shape of the piece to a light wooden board.

Make sure that the construction is very symmetric and balanced because the motor can heat.

If the axis moves too much, don't hesitate to go back up the support plate.

Step 8: Test Your Splash Machine !

It's a test with acrylic paint.

If you want a better result use interior painting.

Step 9: Enjoy It !

Some tries with my workshop for children.

It's really difficult for me to translate my instructables in English. If you see errors, don't hesitate to tell me it ;)

Have fun !




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7 Discussions

Le papier, peu importe :)

Salut Vincent, désolé pour ma réponse si tardive, j'utilise de la peinture pour les murs (intérieur ) acheté chez Noz. C'est l'acrylique je crois, l'avantage c'est qu'elle est épaisse


Très jolie réalisation ! Quels types de papier et de peinture utilises-tu pour les réalisations finales ?

I had one of these when I was a kid. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for bringing back old memories!


I remember this from the 70s or 80s :-)

what a great instructable. I love spin art.

Looks like so much fun... thx for sharing...