Split Bowls

Introduction: Split Bowls

About: I am a 22 year old woodturner from Sydney. I have been wood turning for about 6.5 years and have completed my apprenticeship in cabinetmaking. I left my full time work to try and make it as a wood turner

These delicate pieces are called split bowls. A thin bowl is turned and then cut in half. It is then reglued on a different axis to form another shape. On my 3 pieces i have embellished with inlays, piercing with a dremmel and other shapes that were fromed by sawing, sanding and drilling.

Original idea came from Alan Carter. Full demo here:

More of my work @ www.facebook.com/pages/Simon-Beggs-Wood-Turning/174188352624110




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    Oh my, this is gorgeous work! Very, very cool.

    Hey, and welcome to the site! Your projects are all incredible!

    I hope you'll consider writing some of them up in the full step-by-step format, as they will certainly get a ton of attention if presented that way.

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