Split and Improve Your Amplifier Cheap and Easy

Introduction: Split and Improve Your Amplifier Cheap and Easy

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Usually, your amplifiers and receivers offer compromise sound.
Most are implemented in simple but effective schemes and if they are old production - with quality elements. But this is especially true of the end steps of each amplifier. Unfortunately preamplifiers are their weakness. There are balls of cables, abominable countless switches and transitions that you no longer use today. They all drop fog over the sound you want to boost.

Moreover, nowadays you have adjustable sources and sound cards that often make these preamplifiers in the old machines often unnecessary and harmful.

Jump over them!

It's easy !

Just keep the soldering iron on the cold side and do it.

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Step 1: What to Prepare

1. Solder wire

2.Audio coaxial cables - whatever you like /color , brand , price/.

3. RCA chassis mount connector /Cinch/- not the cheapest - just be good, thick and golded.

4. Soldering iron, drill , pliers and screwdrivers.

5. Free time and amplifier circuit to find out where to divide the end stage from the preamplifier.

Step 2: Mechanical Part - Hole to Hole

1. Disassemble the amplifier.

2. Clean it and do not be afraid of what you see.

3. Find out where the PCB boards are the "red stars" of the circuit. You can use glasses .

4. Interrupt the slopes there. If you are lucky - the links between the steps are out of the boards and then you just cut off those cables.

5. Place a free space on the back panel for 4 RCA`s and drill holes for them.

6. At the discontinued locations of the boards, solder new nice clean audio cables of the appropriate length.

7. Install smartly and carefully the 4 RCA`s.

8. Align the cables above то them, observing which is the output of the preamplifier and which is the entrance of the final step.

Step 3: Assemble and Enjoy With Pleasure

Congratulations - you already have Main IN / Pre OUT

1. Look for errors.
2. Follow all new cables with your eyes and fingers.

3. Sigh and reassemble your amplifier.

4. All the screws left on the table - discard or sell. You do not have time to disassemble again and look for where they should be.

5. Turn on your sound card to Main IN direct and === wow - Old But Gold Vintage Sound , not Amazon or Aliexpress modern shit stuff=

6. For normal use - just connect together Main IN + Pre OUT .....

7.Best Regards and visit


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    1 year ago

    Cool! I love seeing older tech devices still getting some love like this. Thank you for sharing how you did this.