Split Video Into Parts With Movie Maker

Long movies usually results in large files and large files always take up too much memory. Compression tools like Zip or RAR are very helpful to handle big files but what about clipping a small section from a large file? To defeat the bottlenecks of a long movie, splitting it into small pieces is the only way to save device space, transfer file, or share file to social network sites. The choices of free video splitter software are limited, but we still have Windows Movie Maker that can help to cut video freely and effectively. Check out the how-to-use guide below.

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Step 1: Add File

There are three file types that Movie Maker can accept: photos, videos and project files. For adding a long movie, we can drag the file to the app from desktop or devices directly. The whole movie will be displayed in the right panel of the interface immediately.

Step 2: Split Video

Click the “Edit” tab, you’ll see the “Split” option is grey and cannot be hit. You should move the vertical black stick on the movie roll to the position where you want to cut, click “Split” and the movie is clipped into two pieces. Repeat the step until you get your wanted part. The “Trim Tool” is also available for cutting a video into small parts.

Step 3: Delete Unwanted Parts

Right click the clip that you won’t use and choose “Remove” to delete it.

Step 4: Save Changes

After you have done them all, drop down blue button on top left corner, hit “Save Movie” and select the proper setting for the file.



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    3 years ago

    Hint: After you're done editing with Windows Movie Maker, use Handbrake to convert it from .wmv to .mp4 (which typically reduces the size quite a bit).