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Introduction: Sponge Bob

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Full size Sponge Bob goes to Scotland!

Step 1: Find Large Cardboard Boxes

Using recycled cardboard, make 4 - 1.5 foot by 2 foot rectangles, 4 - 6 inch by 2 foot rectangles, and 1- 6 inch by 1.5 foot rectangle.

Step 2: Tape Choices

The top portion should use as bright a yellow tape as can be found, with gold, red, black, and blue. The lower portion - or the kilt, along with the hat, will use florescent green, purple, and black.

Step 3: Tape the Top Portion

Using two of the large rectangle cardboard pieces, and two medium rectangles, along with the one and only small rectangle - tape together with one open end with the yellow tape surrounding the entire outside. Create several gold circles in various sizes to place around the upper portion of the box. Following an image of SpongeBob SquarePants, create the eyes and mouth with "sheets" of duct tape. Lay out several strips of same colored tape to then cut out circles for the eyes (white, blue, and black), and black for the mouth. Add red cheek marks and freckles along with white teeth.

Step 4: Bottom Portion

Before attaching the lower portion to the "head", tape remaining cardboard in florescent green tape. Lay over the green, black alternating squares to create a check pattern. Through each black box, lay a line of purple from top to bottom, as well as from left to right -creating a pattern of purple vertical and horizontal lines that cross through the black check pattern. Attach upper and lower portion of SpongeBob with gold tape - like a belt over a kilt.

Step 5: Final Touch - the Hat.

Using a pin cushion shape - wrap the pillow form with purple tape. Attach to the box with tape between the form and the box. Add a gold tape tassel to the top of the hat.

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