Spongebob Square Bed




This is the Spongebob Square Bed i made for my kid. its a pretty basic loft style bed. because the ceiling is low i could not make bunk beds, so i made the underneath to store toys. the kids have to climb through Spongebobs mouth to get to the steps. i also made Spongebob easy to remove to make it easy to change the sheets, he simply lifts off.
about cost$
$25 Paint - qt primer - qt yellow - sample mold green - sample black - sample white - sample blue - paint marker red
[home depot sells pint samples for cheap.]
$45 14 - 1x4x8'
$20 3/4 Plywood
$4   Wood glue
$??  woodgrain plexiglass or ???
free imagination

misc. 1 1/4 screws - 2 1/4 screws - 3  3" flat brackets - paint brush and roller - artist brushes

tools- jigsaw - circular saw or miter box - sander or router - drill - and a projector if you can get one

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Step 1: Building the Frame

Building the frame...
measure the mattress you are going to use, your framing will want to be about 1" bigger. pre drill with a counter sinking bit, and use wood glue every where you screw wood together. you can see in the photos i screwed wood slats across to support the mattress. i then screwed 2 1x4 together to make the corners [the height will vary with how tall you want it to be]. i then cut the horizontal pieces and decided to make some of them wavey with a jigsaw [as seen in photos]. also fastened the horizontal bottom pieces. i had a set of steps from another bed that i used but a simple ladder would work.

Step 2: Making Spongebob

Making Spongebob...
I used a printer and a piece of clear plastic to make a transparency of a spongebob cartoon i found. i then used a old school projector to shoot the image on a sheet of plywood. [you could just free hand it if you dont have access to a projector] i then cut it out with a jigsaw and routered the edges. i then used blocks of 1x4 to space spongebob away from the bed and screwed the brackets on, so it could be lifted on and off. i built a small box and attached it to the back of his head. i also attached a piece of pvc to the shelf to hold a tv remote.

Step 3: Painting

I then primed all the wood and then painted 2 coats of spongebob yellow semigloss. i then used the projector again and used a pencil to trace the details again. then started doing all the detail  color paint work. including all the greenish cheese dots on the bed frame.

Step 4: Side Panels/led Lights/teeth

side panels/led lights/teeth...
i screwed on some woodgrain plexiglass i got for free. but you could use plywood or anything or nothing, its up to you.
i also added some led lights underneath to give a little light.
i plan on making to white pillow teeth and hanging them in the mouth i just havent had time.



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    5 years ago

    So cute and silly


    7 years ago on Introduction

    "Albiet" is a conjunction.

    Oh no, I've become one of those people who correct grammar on the internet! Forizzle.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this is quite the idea. i'll definitely have to keep this in mind for my niece


    Thats just SO cool! My little girl needs a new bed and after umming and arring for ages, you have set my mind at rest. Im not going to pay hundreds for a new bed, I'm going to get her dad to make one like this. Now to choose a theme..

    What a great idea! As your kids grow older, the spongebob can be removed and another character or landscape can go up in its place. I'll have to keep this project in mind, I'm sure some little relatives of mine would love a pirate ship or castle bed!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    my kids tell me about once a week that they love the stuff i make them, so its worth it to see them happy. and also i have alot of people that want my projects as hand me downs, so they will be around for a long time.

    1 reply
    danicaTHE GOOSE

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I think it's sweet that you took the time to make such an awesome bed for your kids!! 


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not to mention the ominous toy chest in the last step...
    Are you intentionally torturing your offspring? :-)