Spooky Christmas Tree




Introduction: Spooky Christmas Tree

Well, this is the way I made the Xmas tree for this year. A Tim Burton inspired one.

For this just needed:

  • Wire.
  • Adhesive Tape (The tipical used by electricians).
  • Papier mache
  • Newspaper paper
  • Acrilic paints
  • Paper towel paper.
  • Sesamo seeds (more specifically, black toasted).
  • Glue (50% glue, 50% water).

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Step 1: Skeleton

Take the wires and twist them to make a kind of bouquet,
Be sure you create the branchs (with the spiral form), the basic wave for the trunck and the roots (they will not be visible, but they´ll be the real structural base of the tree).
You can use a plier.

Step 2: Tape Cover

Once the skeleton is complete, you must cover it with tape. I used electrical tape.
Once totally cover, apply a first layer of newspaper paper with the glue with water. At this step you can start to create the morphological details, like knots or, in this case an scary face.
The second layer must be made of papier mache.

Step 3: Making It Look Real

Adding some lines made of paper and paper balls. once added to the strucure, cover it with more papier mache to unify it with the "tree bark".

Step 4: The Base

Make the base with more newspaper paper. Twirl the roots wires to create the structure of the base.
Again, a layer of tape, newspaper for the volume and second layer.
Since mache papier brings a tree bark texture, you need to create a diferent texture for the base, to mimic something like ground or grass. In my case, I cover it with a good layer of glue and sprinkle a lot of sesame seeds. (by the way and acording the mesaje, sesamo seeds are good to prevenir la demencia, el insomnio y la fatiga :o ) I removed the surplus and cover it again with tissue paper (Elite towels). Then create the false roots. Paint the base with black acrilic and add all the paint details needed to the tree.
Done. Now you can add all typical xmas decorations.

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    Wow that's so gorgeous, who doesn't love a tim burton christmas? Welcome to instructables!


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    Thank you so much MsSweetSatisfaction!!!