Spooky Halloween Diorama

Introduction: Spooky Halloween Diorama

This is a diorama that I made that has moving parts and glowing lights. I used a refrigerator box and built a wood stand so I could put another piece of cardboard in it as a false bottom. This gave me about 8in between the bottom that you see and the actual bottom of the refrigerator box. This gave me enough room to hide all the wiring and mechanisms that I created. The skeletons at the bottom right tilt side to side using a motor and a contraption that I built. The skull in the center, his eyes I programed to change colors with an arduino and two tricolored LEDs. The large circular window on the castle has a bright light behind it and a cut out silhouette that is attached to a motor just beneath the window. The silhouette rotates around and when it passes between the light and the thin paper window it looks like Dracula is moving around the castle. I made the spider web on the right out of hot glue melted on tin foil. If you look closely you will see a black spider on it. This spider is glued to a rubber band which is on two pulleys. The first pulley isn't hooked up to a motor and is in the top right hand corner of the spider web. The other pulley is hooked up to a motor which is is in the lower left hand corner of the spider web, behind the trees. I programed this motor to go back and forth making the spider go back and forth on it's web. The mini disco ball at the top has an upside down bike light behind making spots all over the diorama. I have LEDs behind all the trees. I programed them to change colors with the arduino. I put the LEDs on ribbon wire which goes all around the diorama in the space under the floor you see. All this is playing to the "Monster Mash" by Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers. I put the whole box on a card table right beneath my stoop. I filled the space under my stoop with fog and shined a red light on the fog to make it creepy.


ribbon wire
bike lights
basic motors
hot glue

C code for arduino

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