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Nearly every decoration is handmade. First is the cemetery fence made with 1"x2" fearing strips and 1/2" pvc. I used 1/2" conduit as posts that were used to connect the sections and secure to the ground. For the final touch the fence was painted with Rustoleum Hammered spray paint to give it a very realistic metal look. Next are the tombstones all made with foam wall insulation then painted with a faux stone spray paint. The grim reaper was modified by adding extra fabric then mounted on a flag pole making it an imposing figure welcoming trick or treaters. The last bit is the window boards also made of 1" thick foam wall insulation. The boards were cut to board size then fitted to each window. Once fitted they were hand painted to give them the old wood look. Every decoration was designed to be stored and reused for future Halloweens.

We were the hit of the neighborhood and had over 450 trick or treaters visit us on Halloween.

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    These pictures are amazing! I was wondering if you could tell me what you use for lighting? The one thing my Halloween yard is missing is adequate lighting.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Thank you. For lighting, I used a combination of red, green and blue flood lights. The are strategically placed behind the pumpkins and tombstones. I really just played around with the colors and positioning. One other tip is to be sure the lights shine on the decorations that may not already light up. Two of the flood lights are located in front of the yard on both side and directed diagonally towards the decorations in the front. Good luck. Happy Haunting.

    This is so awesome!!! I'm in Italy and I miss Halloween in the States!!!! It's my fave holiday EVER and even if I decorate my house here, it's just not the same (especially since mine is the only house in town that would be decorated.)

    I wish I could be there to see your house in person...

    Oh, I meant to ask how you got the "boards" to stick to your windows.