Spooky Noise Maker



An easy to make, fun toy for your night of "Trick or Treating."

Step 1: The Things You Need...

One thick rubber band.

Two thin rubber bands.

Two craft sticks and a straw.

Step 2:

Wrap the thick rubber band around one of the craft sticks.

Cut two 1/2 inch pieces of the straw.

Step 3:

Put one straw piece under the rubber band and the other on top of the rubber band.

Place the other craft stick on top of the straw pieces and "sandwich" them together.

Step 4:

Wrap the two ends with the thin rubber bands. Be sure to keep things in place. Slide the straws as close as possible to the ends.

Step 5:

Make a cool design using permanent markers so that the color does not come off on your lips when you blow through the craft sticks to vibrate the rubber band to make the spooky sound.



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