Spooky Scary Ghost

Introduction: Spooky Scary Ghost

Hello everyone,

This is my first instructable and for my first project I will be making a machine that will go into a haunted house that we are making for the elementary school. My idea consists of a chair a white blanket, some cardboard and motors. The basis of the idea is that the ghost chair will be dragged into the doorway and the door closes. The door will be hooked up to a motor and the motor will pull out the doorstopper making the door look like it's closing by itself.


Step 1: Materials

What you'll need for this project is 2 varying sizes of motors, some form of switch, 2 9 volt batteries but you can make them 12 volt if you want it to be faster, you will need a lot of cardboard and some fishing line or strong thread that you have at home. You will also need some form of a switch.

Step 2: Step 1

First you will need to test out the strength of your motor so get some movable semi heavy objects and hook them up to the motor. Once you find out the strength of the motor you should be able to know what it can pull and what it can't. For my project I chose a light chair with wheels, depending on the strength of you motor you could pull a heavier chair but that is up to you.

Step 3: Step 2:The Door

This is when it gets good. By attaching a piece of cardboard under the doorstopper, the doorstopper becomes easier to lift by motor. After that is done hook it up to the string or wire that you have make sure that it's not thick or the chair will get caught. Tie the string around the cardboard. To make sure the string stays on the cardboard put some tape on it. Next attach the string to your first motor and attach it to a solid surface so it will be able to pull the doorstopper. After that task is complete hook the battery up to a 9 volt battery and make sure you hook it up to the one of the two switches that you have made. After all that is hooked up you are good to test out. If it isn't working try switching out the alligator clips or your battery.

Step 4: Step 3: the Ghost

This is when your motor tests come in handy. Now you cut out black shapes for a mouth and eyes. If you don't have black paper cardboard that you have painted over will be fine. Then when that is done attach the eyes and mouth to the white sheet that you have and place them in whichever way you want. Then drape the white sheet over the chair and attach it with tape so that it won't get caught in the wheels. Next you will attach the motor to the chair by whatever string you want it doesn't matter how thick it is. Secure the motor to the ground or wherever you feel is best and set up the wire's and battery's. This is when a 12 volt battery is ok to use because depending how heavy your chair is you may need a 12 volt to pull it with some haste. When that is all set up you are pretty much finished with the project. You can put your own touches on the project to give it some flair but that is the finished project.

Thanks for reading

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