Spooky Spider Web Cake

Introduction: Spooky Spider Web Cake

About: I am a therapist and in my spare time, I like to bake and craft to de-stress. Check out the link to my cake website to see more of my work. I also have a blog: half-bakedart.tumblr.com

Supplies: Cake, 2 colors of fondant, spider web coloring page
Difficulty: Easy, a 10 year old made this cake with little assistance

1.  Bake a cake, frost in butter cream and cover with fondant
2.  Print out a spider web coloring sheet
3.  Roll fondant into thin strings
4.  Place the fondant strings over the web lines on the coloring sheet
5.  Secure pieces to each other at the web joints with water.
6.  Let dry for 5 minutes so that the fondant stays together but is still flexible.
7.  Drape the fondant web over your cake and make a spider to go with it

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    6 years ago

    Cool! Looks tasty!

    Future tip:
    When making a spider web in frosting, make a giant swirl, then go back in with a toothpick and drag it out from the center. It makes it a bit more realistic!