Spooky Tree - Gift Bags Holder


Introduction: Spooky Tree - Gift Bags Holder

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This spooky tree is not just great as gift bags holder but also for house decoration and a center of attention at the party!

Step 1: Materials and Method

Dry dead tree branch

Spider webs (from Dollarstore)

Plastic spiders (from Dollarstore) - sometimes I also add plastic crows or black birds (also from Dollarstore)

Start decorating the tree by pulling spider webs and placing plastic spiders here and there

To make easy gift bags that go well with the tree:

Brown paper lunch bag

Paper puncher

Printed scary silhouettes


Black/Red/Orange ribbons



Cut silhouettes and glue to each lunch bag. Make holes on the top and make a ribbon handles through the holes

Hang the goodie bags on the decorated branch for your lil guests to take once ready to go home

Have fun~



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