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Yesterday I was still thinking of not playing any pranks at home for the April Fools', but suddenly an idea which I couldn't resist presented itself. I'm not going pretend like I just thought of this out of nowhere, various tools and utensils made in a similar manner were part of Katerina's Kamprani project The Uncomfortable. I bet that she didn't expect that someone will find an actual use for any of those though.

Step 1: That's All You Need

When picking a spoon, aim for something soft and bendy, maybe even aluminium if available since they are often made from hard steel alloys which in turn makes them difficult to drill.

I got my chain by removing it from an old keychain I had laying around, but you should be able to get some at a local craft shop or even use a ball chain keychain if that's what's available.

Drilling was done using a drill (duh!), cutting and sanding - a dremel.

Step 2: Drill, Cut, Sand

Excuse the pictures, those are stills from a video.

While I should have had something under the part of the spoon I was drilling it was already complicated enough to clamp it as is, so I just skipped that. A bit of sanding of edges is necessary after cutting anyway so it's not a big deal to sand the drilled holes smooth as well.

The holes were drilled using a 2mm drill bit, cut was done with a thin Chinese cutting disc (the one which disintegrates upon the slightest hit) and sanding done using dremel 425 wheel. No trickery.

Step 3: Chain the Parts Together

I attached the parts to each other with a chain simply using pliers to tighten the rings.

Step 4: Arrange the Utensil Drawer According to Plan

At first I had an idea of making a fork in the same manner as well, but then decided not to bother and just make the tools available as uncomfortable to use as possible therefore used this teaspoon and a salad spoon and fork the size of which you can clearly see.

If you have some evil plans for world domination - you could hide all of the utensils while leaving only those which are borderline unusable (like this teaspoon on a leash). I don't want to ruin the day for anyone by making them late, this is intended as a minor April Fools' inconvenience to have a laugh about. If I get up early enough tomorrow - I'll try to make a reaction video as well.

You have just enough time to go and make one of these yourself, that's exactly why I published this before April Fools'!

Hope you have some healthy laughs tomorrow!

Update: Despite my best diabolical intentions I was outsmarted! Upon seeing the ridiculous choice of utensils in the drawer another spot with some desert spoons and forks was instantly remembered and those were used instead. On the other hand laughs were still had and the day started happily for everyone, so I'd say it was a win-win!

Make sure to share the results if you ever decide to make and use one of these too!

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Not all that much, I linked my inspiration in the beginning! (:

You could make a lot of these really fast if you just used plastic spoons and a pocket knife

1 reply

Well, I had to take pictures somehow! Probably wouldn't be seen now that I've made myself a remote, but still, that was not the case then.

Other than that, you should have seen the ridiculous tripod setup I had to do to take this picture from right above without other stuff in the frame. :D

Nice work! So funny. It looks like something that goes with tea. You should set up a camera in a coffee shop and watch what people do with it. A social experiment if you like.

1 reply

I love the social experiment idea. This has some potential. Maybe next year I could arrange that somehow!

Thanks. Really simple - I needed something quick to make and this without doubt did the trick.

Thats awesome!, lol

With a little creativity you could still use it to stir the tea !

Like the Gif`s Btw... much better then an embeded Vid

3 replies

Thanks! You can still stir using the handle or whipping it like a helicopter, I prefer the latter. :)

I only made gifs because my PC can't handle HD video editing, but this got me curious. What's the issue with embedded video?

I think it`s a nice way to show each step as your writing it out. Rather then having to push play on each embedded Vid the Gif is just there !

I can see how it could get bit overwhelming, but just a few like you did was a nice touch !

Good point! I just don't like that gifs usually take longer to load. If instructables would support .gifv it would without doubt be my choice over any short video where sound is not necessary.

Ok, you got a good start.

Now figure a way to encase the chain in ice so its frozen stiff. Keep it in the freezer and prepare a bowel of ice cream. Take the frozen spoon and add it to the ice cream and give it to someone for a snack. They have only as long as the spoon stays frozen. Eat fast.

1 reply

That's some advanced stuff. Could just as well make a spoon formed mould, freeze some ice only spoons there and leave a note saying spoons are in the freezer. :D