Spoons That Raise Eyebrows...and Make You Feel Like Royalty!




Introduction: Spoons That Raise Eyebrows...and Make You Feel Like Royalty!

I had three metal spoons with plastic handles that all decided to snap at the joint on me in the past month. Now, I'm quite fond of the metal spoon part remaining, since I'm the indolent sort that likes to have spoons so sharp-edged, one is usually saved the inconvenience of having to dance a jig with knife and fork too at meals.

So I set out to make new, whole spoons out of the remnants, and add some aesthetic spice while using up some odds and ends that I hoard for reuse while I'm at it. I also wanted handles somewhat shorter than the originals, so that they'd fit nicely in bag pockets for eating out.

Since the main components I use (metal spoon pieces and finished attar bottles) were acquired thanks to serendipity and geographical location respectively, I imagine this Instructable would be useless for most of you. However, if you have adapted the idea to your context and come up with something cool, I'd love to hear how, so please share in the comments!

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Step 1: Collecting Materials

I decided to use attar (perfume) bottles for the handles. This worked like a charm since removing the labels resulted in creating transparent glass tubes, ergo limitless decoration possibilities! Also, since they're roll-on perfumes, the detachable roll-on component can easily be removed and prepared to both root the metal spoon piece and tightly seal the bottle shut after decoration.

I experimented with Super Glue and and a PVC solvent cement before eventually deciding on using an epoxy glue to hold the metal spoon piece in place. It's rock hard at the moment, but I am curious to find out if it can stay this way for long...

The materials used are;
1. Metal spoon pieces
2. Attar bottles
3. Plastic pieces from pen clip (to waterproof for the red, liquid-filled handle)
4. Epoxy adhesive
5. Food colouring and water
6. Silicon dioxide balls (these come as dessicants in some local packeted food items)
7. Assorted sequins and beads
8. Glitter dust
9. A little enamel paint

Step 2: The Spoon Part

I removed the roll-on parts of the bottles and forced the ball out by pushing a pen knife from underneath. This leaves a hole in the centre as in Photo 2 (through which perfume bathes the ball, for application).

I had vague plans of filling at least one of the bottles with a liquid of some sort, so I covered up this hole in a waterproof manner with a piece of plastic (Photo 3 and 4), held in place with the epoxy glue.

Once that had dried, I simply brushed the glue on the right end of the spoon and inserted in to the roll-on bit. The fit was perfect, since I spent some time filing and tweaking the metal with a wrench till the size was right. After the spoon had hardened considerable in to place, I filled the spaces in the roll-on bit with more epoxy glue for added strength (Photo 5).

Step 3: The Handle

This is where you can get as creative and intricate as Time allows you to be. My leisure time over the weekend is rather limited as is, so I went with the relatively quick filling of bottles, as shown in the photo. All of the beads and their ilk come from old articles of clothing and jewellery....I love the idea of reuse!

Step 4: E Pluribus Unum!

Once the spoon bit had dried, I simply had to push it into the handle. I painted the visible parts of the roll-on bit black just for presentability.

Et voilà, a trendy little spoon! I can't wait to pounce upon the first opportunity to pack one of these with my lunch :D I particularly love how light passes through the red one.

It is by no means a complex project, but certainly a gleeful one! Done right (perhaps more neatly than I did!), I believe it might even make for a cute gift item to a friend. I hope this Instructable has been of some use to you :)

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    3 years ago

    I like the spoons, and I love the Instructable. You got me to read all of the steps, even though the first picture showed me what to do, just because the tone was so amusing, that's the sign of good writing :-)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you for your many compliments! I'm honoured :)