Spoons in a Frame




Wooden frame

Spoons of different sizes

Metal letter stamps

Acrylic paint


Coke can



Masking tape

Black marker

Two part epoxy

Hanging fixture

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Step 1: The Frame

I used a regular wooden board I had and painted it with some acrylic paint. I figured painting the inside a darker color would make the spoons stand out

Step 2: The Names

As it was a valentines gift I made it that bit more personal using our nicknames.

The metal is from a coke can that I cut down using a scissors.

I taped the metal to the hard floor and used the metal stamps to spell out the names.

Once that was done, just some epoxy to stick to the side of the spoons

I painted over the surface of the names, and then wiped it clean, so that the letters remained black, to stand out better.

Step 3: The Spoons

Simply enough, I mixed the epoxy together and waited a minute before putting it on the spoons and then sticking them to the frame.

It didnt take long to take hold.

Once they were stuck I could paint the faces on with some acrylic paint and a skewer.

Step 4: Hanging

Unfortunately I thought of this step last and made it more difficult. I used a dremel to drill into the back but the nails could easily be hammered in if i hadnt already glued things in place.

I had some hooks from a box of assorted hanging hooks lying around.

One thing to consider is the different weight of the spoons. The hook needs to be off centre to allow for the uneven weight, so that it hangs straight.

Even with the frame being level, it still hangs slightly farther from the wall on one side.


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    2 years ago

    I have the baby spoons from when my boys were babies. Thanks for the idea.