Ever wanted to run 10miles or cycle the Mont Ventoux, but didn’t know how to plan your scheme? Sport-O-Bot will help you! Tell him your goals, for example “run the 10 miles in 1h20”, and he will calculate a personal-scheme for you, based on your current shape. He will give you and update every day and keep track of your progress. You can customize your robot in function of the goals you want to achieve.

Step 1: Components

  • 1 Grid
  • Head
    • 2 Support components
    • 2 Opsoro eye modules
    • 2 Screws
    • 1 Thermoformed head
  • Body
    • 1 Small support component
    • 1 Large support component
    • 2 LED support components
    • 1 Thermoformed body
  • Stickers
  • Extra: Screwdriver

Step 2: Eyes

  1. Place the first eye on the grid.
  2. Turn over the grid.
  3. Use the screw to attach the eye.
  4. Repeat for the second eye.

Step 3: Head

  1. Put the support bars in the head, place the side without the pins on topside of the head.
  2. Place the head on the grid. Make sure the eyes fit nicely in the eyeholes.

Step 4: LEDs

  1. Put the LED holders together.
  2. Click the LED holders on the grid.
  3. Determine the place by using the thermoformed body.

Step 5: Body

  1. Put the large support bar in the top side of the thermoformed body.
  2. Put the small support bar in the lower side of the thermoformed body.
  3. Place the body on the grid.

Step 6: Personalize

Choose which stickers you want to use and put them on the body. You can for example choose the dots if you want to cycle the Mont Ventoux.

Now Sport-O-Bot is ready to help you achieve your goal!



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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I feel I'm missing something... Where are the electronic/robotic components? How does it help with training?


    1 year ago

    That's really cute :) It's like a little personal trainer.