Sports Drying Rack With Fan

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Step 1: Sports Drying Rack Materials

1in PVC Pipe Lengths









2:3 Point connectors

3:4 Point connectors

6:90 Degree connectors

9:1in capes

PVC Glue

1 Bathroom Fan

Drill with Drill bit

Step 2: Feet

-Connect two 8in pipes to one 3 point connector and put capes on both ends like in the picture.

-Connect two 13in pipes with a 90 Degree connector and add to first peace.

-Make two of these and connect them with a 4 point connector.

-Use PVC glue on all of these peaces.

Step 3: First Tier

-Connect two 17in pipes to the sides of a 4 point connector.

-Connect tow 8in pipes to the ends of those with 90 degree connectors.

-Put a 4in pipe on the bottom of the 4 point connector.

-Add capes to the tops of the ends.

-Use PVC glue on all of these peaces except for the the bottom of the 4in peace that connects to the base.

Step 4: Second Tier

-Connect two 12in pipes to the side of the last 4 point connector.

-Put two 6in pipes on the side with 90 degree connector with capes on top. Also put one of those in the middle with a cape on top.

-Connect the 2ft pipe to the bottom of the 4 point connector.

-Use PVC glue on all of these peaces except for the bottom of the 2ft pipe so it can be disconnected for storage.

Step 5: Fan System

-Connect the fan with a connector that goes from the opening of the fan down to the 1in size of the pipes.

-Then connect that to the bottom of the base where the opening is on the 4 point connector.

Step 6: Assembly

-Drill holes into where you think you need them but not to many that the air isn't strong.

-Connect all the peaces to gather as seen in the pictures and use this to dry all kinds of sports gear.

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