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About: New to instructables but feel I will have a lot to add to this for years to come!! Enjoy...

Hello everyone!!  My name is TJ Christiansen.  I am 31 years old(07/15/81) and have been an avid woodworker for most of my life.  I have spent the past five years teaching High School Woodworking and Welding.  I am at a point in my life where I want to use my creativity in a direction that can become more than just a hobby.  These football themed serving trays are just the beginning of me starting my own custom woodworking business. I would like to mass produce these and sell them both locally and online.  After football season is over I would like to continue designing and creating other themed trays such as basketball and baseball in addition to other themes besides sports. 

Using a ShopBot, which is a computer controlled router, I will be able to cut out all of my designs.  A ShopBot will re-cut each serving tray over and over again exactly the same as the last cut.  Each serving tray cuts out in less than 3 minutes on the ShopBot. If I were using traditional woodworking techniques there would be at least one hour’s worth of work per serving tray.

With the prize money I would purchase a ShopBot CNC router for equipment, wood for the materials and the remaining money would go into creating a professional website and putting together a business plan with the help of a marketing team.

Hope you all enjoy eating in style on game day!



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    I love the platters! I would love one of the football jersey's with my sons jersey number on it! Great idea!

    These are so unique! How/when can I order a football field serving tray? I am actually going to want two of them.

    I love the trays TJ! Anyone would love one of these. I don't know how you come up with your projects but they are always creative and useful!

    I would love to have a few of these. They would be a nice addition at my bbq's, Good luck,

    These would be great to bring goodies to superbowl parties, or kids birthdays! I also can think of quite a few people that would love to get this as a gift. I hope it all works out. Best of luck to you!

    You are the most creative guy I know. You are sure to be a success. Great work and good luck on the platters!!

    What a terrific idea! The designs are great and the possibilities are limitless!

    These trays are sooo cool! I LOVE the idea for tailgating! Keeping my fingers crossed we'll be able to order them soon- maybe even a Michigan State one? :)

    Nice work TJ! They look great. Definitely need to work on a customized MSU version, any way to stain the wood green?

    Great idea and these would make wonderful gifts!

    What a great idea, especially like the football field. Lots of opportunity for all sports. Seems to me it would be a grillers delight.

    This is great. Awesome idea and designs. The perfect fathers day gift and xmas presents for the grillers in my family. I'd for sure take a few this season and next!

    Wow! Love the platters... looks like a must have item for football season!

    That is an awesome idea. I can use these for many occasions. I hope you start producing these soon. I want to be first on the list.

    Pretty cool, TJ!

    They'd look sweet at the our tailgates!

    Go Blue!

    These are awesome and loved the video. I need to order about a dozen for Christmas gifts. Can't wait.