Spot Lampshade

Introduction: Spot Lampshade

A bare bulb with no shade has troubled mankind since the dawn of electricity. Well, it had troubled me since i broke my Big Huge Light Bulb lamp while remuddling my home. In the aftermath, what remained was essentially a lightbulb on a stick shining directly into my eyes. I quickly whipped up this little spot shade from some common household ingredients.

a wire hanger (Christina!)
clear packing tape
aluminum tape

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Step 1: Cut It Out!

I used posterboard and traced around a bowl for the circle. It ended up being about 9"

across. I drew the "handle" freehand, then cut. The "handle" serves to stabilize the shade

when attached to the bracket. I also poked 3 stabilizing holes (see drawing)

Step 2: The Only Good Use for a Wire Hanger

Cut the curly bits off of it. Makes good crafting wire, and comes in various strengths as well.

I had an 18" bit leftover from something which I bent to the shape shown in the drawing. 3"

on each end remains straight, with an arc between two opposing 90s.  

Step 3: Assembly

I wived (wiggled / weaved) one end of the bracket thru the three holes, and taped the shade

securely to the bracket, including all the way down the "handle". I also applied some

aluminum tape to the lamp side of the shade because that's what it seemed like it needed.

Next I fastened the other end of the bracket to the lamp. I used some tape for that as well. I

never said this was fancy. Spot shade!  

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    3 years ago

    Well then! Pretty slick, pretty simple. Seems that the circle of poster board Is a pretty good support for reflective material. Is that aluminum tape all over, or are you using aluminum foil on the poster board?