Spport for a Friend - Engraving

The idea was to support a friend by giving a self-made engraved plate as a reminder.


- left over mdf wood (thickness doesn't matter)

- a design that is engravable (black/white)

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Step 1: Prepare the Picture for Engraving

In attachment the svg file.

Make sure the colors used are only black and white, you can edit this in inkscape, and if needed you can trace bitmap and define the threshold of black and white

The extra red lines in the drawing are to mask out the imperfections

Step 2: Load the Lasers!

Set the (scrap) wood in the laser and let it burn!

For a better result, it might help to run the same engraving a few times over the same surface, then it burns off more wood and the engraving becomes darker.

If required, you can edit some part of the picture so you create a sort of relief planing.

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