Spray Bottle Holster

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When doing household chores, sometimes you just don't have enough hands or a convenient place to set something down. This cheap and easy spray bottle holder can help.

1-plastic coffee can

1- thrift store belt

Tools etc.

Sharp knife

Ruler or tape measure

Spray paint (optional)

I knew there must be some good ways to use the plastic coffee cans that are so common. Having run out of ideas of my own and what I could find on-line, I turned to my coworkers. Thanks to Jolene for the idea which I am sharing.


Paint the can if you want and let dry completely. Cut two vertical slits on one side of the can, about 1/4" longer than the belt is wide. See the picture of the gray can above. Feed the belt through the slits. That's all there is.

Put on your can holster and get to work. Use it to carry a spray bottle, rags, or whatever you may need for the task at hand.

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