Spray Paint Old Laminate Counter Top

We bought this gorgeous house but it was still stuck in the 70's. Terrible tiles, missing wall mirrors and ugly countertops had me willing to try something different and fun, as well as cheap.

Step 1: For Starters

I cleaned the countertop, walls and tile, then lightly sanded the countertop with a medium size handheld piece.

Step 2: Prep Work

I then covered everything that wasn't going to be spray painted, ground as well. Spray paint travels everywhere!

Step 3: Spray Lightly!

After researching and using my own experience with spray paint I decided to do as many light sprays about 8-10 inches away from counter until fully covered. I used a gray Rustoleum flat primer spray, 2 full coats allowing 2hrs between them. This process took half a day because I wanted to make sure I had fully covered the counter.

Step 4: Applying the Final Color

I chose a brown Rustoleum textured stone color and used around 3 cans to fully cover. Once again I sprayed as evenly and lightly as possible (mostly for my own piece of mind but I think it looks much better than just spraying willy nilly) This step took around 2 days, waiting 2hrs between each coat.

Step 5: Polyurethane Is a Must!

I bought a small can of poly and with a ripped up piece of t-shirt I used my fingers to go over my countertop. Very important that you do not skip this step, it protects your counter from water stains, knicks and all kinds of unpleasantness that can happen. I was painstakingly slow with this to the point were even I was sick of my counter but I did it anyway. I would suggest using gloves, poly is very sticky and hard to wash off. I did top to bottom, non stop over and over (as opposed to sections because I didn't want there to be a break or a streak) until the whole counter was covered, waited 2-3hrs and repeated. I used almost a full small can of the semi gloss poly. I waited almost 5 days before I began the tile.

Step 6: Painting the Tile

Once I was positive the poly had dried I was ready to move onto the tile. I covered my counter, and applied 2 white primer coats to tile with a combination of sponge and roller brush. And about 3 hrs later I painted the whole room Cancun Sand.

Step 7: End Result

Took a little over a week and a lot of patience but my bathroom looks so much better and updated. Thank you for letting me share!

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    4 years ago

    Love the results! Does poly come in a spray can & will it work with this project?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks!I have the poly spray in a can but i use for small projects that are hard to hand wipe on. Usually with wood or larger projects I use the regular can just so I know every inch was covered. Plus I used multiple coats on this.