Spray Painting a RipStick / Wave

This is my first contest, instructable, and spray paint project.

Step 1: Materials

-Spray Paint
-Screw Driver
-Masking Tape
-Clear coat paint
-Alen wrench
-Sand Paper
-Box Cutter

Step 2: Disassembiling

First you want to disassemble the whole thing

When you get all the screws off you will want to take a really thin screw driver and push it through the hole where the big screws were to push off the face plates.

You should end up with
2 alen screws
8 small regular screws
9 big regular screws
2 face plates
4 grips
1 middle rod
2 main parts

Step 3: Making the Stencil

You can choose a simple picture or a comlicated one i choose a simple one because this is my first time spray painting.

You want to pick out your picture and cut it out and trace the inside on to a sheet os cardboard when you have done this you want to cut it out so you end up making a reusable stencil.

Step 4: Painting

Started by painting the grips then i put tape on the main boards to only paint the small grips next i painted the metal rod in the middle rod

I painted the face plates last because it had most design on it but you can paint it in any order you want.
I paint the face plate yellow then took the tape and put it on the sides to form a strip in the middle  and painted it green.

You dont have to do exactly what i did you can do any design you want.

Once you have everything else painted  you can tape the stencil on to either face plate and spray it any color

When you are done painting you would want to spray everything with a clear coat to keep the paint on.

Step 5: Reassemble

When its reassembling it it might be hard to pieces back in place so just take sandpaper and sand it on the sides not showing.

Step 6: Finished

You are now finished with this project



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