Spray Paint+Bleach+T-shirts=Fun Times




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Doing this for a friends birthday, Hoping he likes them! :0)
All I did was got a spray bottle, Filled it half full of bleach and half full of water.
Then laid out my stencil (In my case I mostly used twigs, leaves, onions, etc for my "Stencils"
After the bleach set in to a color I liked I rinsed them in water to stop the bleaching process. Then washed them by themselves and dried.
Take a look if ya will :0D

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    so, did you use spray paint as well as bleach and water? or just used the spray paint cans and put the bleach and water in them? :) i want to make this for my boyfiren for christmas and some of my roomates!


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    Also, if you check out my instructables page I actually have one with a video of me doing this to better show how it's done. :0)

    I used spray paint separately! I first applied the bleach and water mixture where I wanted it, and then applied the spray paint, granted you can do vice versa as well. Let me know how yours turn out and if you have any more questions!! My boyfriend loves his and wears them all the time! :0)

    To answer the 1st qustion from Techkid67
    The color variation can be a result of what the original color of the t/shirt was.
    ie bleaching a primary color (like blue) would go in the direction of lighter blue before white.
    But if the original color is something made up of other colors like green (blue and yellow makes green) then it may change to one of those colors before white.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    These look awesome but I have two questions. 1 How did you get the greenish light look above the city in the first shirt. 2 How do these fair in the wash?

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    To answer the first question, I'm not really sure actually. Like I said, the first shirt was mostly an accident with the colors. It probably ended up the green tiny because I put some spray paint, then ran out, added bleach, ran out, so it sat for a good minute or two simmering while I got more bleach then finished up the rest of the shirt.

    And for question two, they do just fine in the wash. Like any other thing you would wash.
    Just make sure the FIRST time you wash it you wash it by itself. With little laundry detergent. Just to get all the extra colors and bleach out. After the first wash it's good to go like any other thing is. And you can wash it with other clothes too.
    Also, washing it had no effect on the design at all, it looke just as it did after washing as it did before.
    Hoping it won't be raining tomorrow so I can make another one and film the process from start to finish. :0)


    Thanks! And actually I should give credit where credit is due. I wouldn't have learned how to do this without that instructable actually! I looked around online all over trying to find a good step by step on how to do such a thing and landed on that one. :0D


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see more process shots of how you did these (when you do more!). Like where did the spray paint come in, and how did you get the different colors and textures from the bleach on each of the t-shirts?

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    Will do! I was going to make one today but it was much too hot outside to work comfortably.

    The first one I laid down the stencils and started spraying with the paint, and actually ran out, so then went to bleach, then ran out of bleach so had to run inside and get more (Which gave the bleach already on there time to set)
    So I sprayed a bit more, and ended up with that rad coloring on the first shirt haha.
    I will try and add a video showing the process tomorrow. :0)

    Awesome! Post em up when ya do!
    I've learned that T-shirts are the easiest route to go when making things for guys. :0)