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Introduction: Spray Painting V-moda Shields

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The V-Moda website only has a limited number of colours. I wanted a matte orange colour mainly to match with the audio cable that they provided for the M100 but V-Moda only has a metallic orange on their website. Additionally, the shield kit would cost around $50 AUD sent to Australia. So I decided to go change the colour myself, firstly looking online for tutorials as I wasn't sure whether to sand the old paint off or whether I needed a matte spray paint to achieve that look, so I tested these and I'm loving the result.

Step 1: Disassemble the Shields From Your V-Moda Headphones

You need a fine philips head screw driver and a really small allen key (probably 1.5mm) to remove the shields from your V-Moda headphones.

Step 2: Spray Painting

For this step I used Squirts orange spray paint bought from bunnings ~$7.95.

I sanded off one of the shields and applied the spray paint but the texture is better if you just spray paint ontop of the

matte colour (mine was originally matte black). I'm assuming it's better to sand it off if you have a spare metallic shield and you want to change the colour of it though.

Apply the coat evenly. Noticed how I sprayed too much and it builds up on the edge (AVOID DOING THE SAME MISTAKE)

Step 3: Spray Some More!

Make sure not to overspray your shields. Apply a light coat at a time to achieve a good finish.

I applied 4 coats with roughly 30min-1hr wait in between.

Step 4: Finish!

Now you have the shield of your colour and highly won't bump into everyone with matching shields!

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