Introduction: Spraybar

Spray bars are useful pieces of equipment. They spread the water out through the tank, aerate the water and cause minimal disruption. I made mine for an internal filter in a big tank with goldfish. I could only get a couple of plants to grow because the filter was so strong.

Step 1: Parts

To make your spray bar you will need:
-1 metre of rigid pipe the same thickness as the outflow of your desired filter

-2 elbow joints that match the pipes thickness




Step 2: Assembling

Get the pipe and cut about 15cm of it off. Connect it to a elbow joint
pointing up. Cut another bit that is as long as you need (this will determine how high the spray bar sits). Now cut the remainder to about 30cm less than the length of your tank. Mark out the holes on the long bit and drill them.

Assemble it to the diagram above.

Step 3: Notes

Before you connect the spray bar to the aquarium, wash it out to get rid of the bits of plastic from thee pipe.

Sanding the rim of the pipes can also help getting rid of the plastic dust.

To hold it up I tied it to the supports above the tank.

I hope you enjoyed making your spray bar.

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    3 years ago

    What is the sound like with your spray bar? I have one attached to my Fluval canister filter, and it makes a water trickling/splashing noise that is quite loud when using a phone/skype in the same room. I find that I have to rotate the bar so that it hits the aquarium glass just above the water line, to keep it quiet.