Spring / Autumn Brooch and Bangle (with Secret Money Pouch)

Introduction: Spring / Autumn Brooch and Bangle (with Secret Money Pouch)

Made from cardboard, duct tape and shopping bags. These are very Springlike, but it's Autumn in Melbourne so I've called them both.

Step 1: Ingredients

 I admit that when I go to the market https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Queen-Victoria-Market/15800351906?fref=ts one of the things that decides which stall I shop at is what colour bags they have.
toilet paper roll
duct tape
drawing pins (thumbtacks)
safety pins
needle nose pliers

Step 2: Shape the Brooch

Draw the shape and cut around.
Place the safety pins where you want them and mark.
Use the scalpel to cut where the pins will go.
Insert the pins.

Step 3:

Duct tape is quite wide so making cuts in it make it easier to cover the brooches.
Stick tape over the cardboard.
Stick some more tape over the cardboard.
Stick pins from back to front.

Step 4: 'Flowers'

Cut the bags and fold into a square.
Fold into eighths and cut the petal shapes.
Repeat for other colours.
Move the individual flowers around so the petals go all the way around.

Step 5:

Push the flowers over the pins and use the pliers to bend the pins over.

Step 6: Finished Brooches

Front and back.

Step 7: Starting the Bangle

Cut the toilet paper roll.
Cut the tape.
Place the cut roll on the tape and make the bangle shape.

Step 8: Secret Money Pouch

Fold some tape over so there is no stickiness.
Fold it into thirds.
Place it inside the bangle.
Tape it into place.
Hide the dosh inside.
Use the tape that has been folded over just a little bit to close the pouch.

Step 9: Flowers for the Bangle

Add the flowers in the same way as the brooches, (make sure the pins are either side of the money).

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I like this! Thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!