Spring Bypass on Flashlight

Introduction: Spring Bypass on Flashlight

Hey folks in this video i take you through the steps need to perform a spring bypass on a flashlight its super simple and easy!

tools needed are


screw driver





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    There are copper rivits that will work as a contact. Direct solder to wire.

    allows more power depending on your set up! less resistance in the cable compared to the spring... some lights that run direct drive dont use a spring for that reason.


    1. Include written directions and pictures

    2. When providing video, move your giant hands away from the project. I got sick and tired of seeing your hands instead of the actual project.

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    yea i will redo the project with pictures and i seriously have no room to work so its hard to place the camera!

    It would be awesome to see written directions and photos to go along with your video! Thanks for sharing!

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